Audiomischpult Soundcraft MH3

40 Mono + 4 Stereo Inputs, 12x Aux,

10x VCA Gruppe

Das Pult befindet sich in einem guten gebrauchten, technisch und optisch einwandfreien Zustand.

mitgeliefertes Zubehör

– hochwertiges Rollen-Case mit Dockhouse

– Pultleuchten, Dust-Cover

– 2x CPS 800 Console Power Supply

– PSU-Kabel und Havarie-Patchkabel

  • Versatile design, allowing FOH, Monitors, or Monitors from FOH configurations
  • Semi-modular in blocks of 8 for flexible layouts and easy serviceability
  • Frame sizes 24 mono/4 stereo, 32 mono/4 stereo, 40 mono/4 stereo, 48 mono/4 stereo, 56 mono/4 stereo
  • Flexible Auxiliary Bus structure with 2 stereo sends for in-ear monitoring
  • 8 group busses and 12 aux busses in FOH mode
  • 12 monitor busses (12 mono, or 8 mono + 2 stereo) in Monitor mode
  • Swap mode allows fader control of Aux outputs in Monitor mode
  • Integral 12×4 matrix, can be expanded to 12×8 with optional matrix module
  • 3-band EQ on FX Returns 1-8, switchable to Group or Aux outputs
  • New Mic Amp design with high headroom and outstanding CMRR
  • New EQ design with focused response
  • LCR panning on inputs
  • 8 VCA groups and 8 Mute groups with snapshot automation and MIDI control
  • Integrated control of BSS Audio Varicurve™ and dbx DriveRack™
  • Integral LED bargraph metering for all inputs and outputs
  • Optional VU output meterbridge


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